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Tips to create a family chores list

So you have an endless list of tasks that need to get done around the house — and it’s about time the other members of your family helped out. Whether it’s washing the windows, mowing the lawn or cleaning the dishes, it’s only fair that everyone does their part. Here are some tips to painlessly make a task list and split up responsibilities.

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Consider ages and abilities

Depending on size and age, some family members will be able to do different things to others. Try to work tasks into the likes and dislikes of family members. If your son loves the outdoors, for example, give them backyard-based tasks.

Make joint decisions

Everyone will be taking part in the tasks, so involve everyone in the making of the task list. It’s only fair that everyone voices their opinions and you work out a list that everyone’s happy with. The more that your children enjoy the assigned tasks, the more likely that they will carry them out.

Post it in plain view

Get creative and produce an attractive and fun task list. Your children can help decorate it, which will help them take ownership and develop pride for it. Post the list on the fridge, the noticeboard or even on a whiteboard or blackboard. The most important thing is to get your kids excited about the list!

Establish a reward system

First, try to explain the reasons behind the task list and the equal distribution of chores. To get your kids interested, however, you may also have to set up a reward system. Rewards can vary from pocket money to extra playtime or other treats.

Break up the chores

Don’t make the tasks too difficult for your kids — this will only turn them off. If you have your family working for several hours straight, don’t be surprised when your kids start to despise it and go to great lengths to avoid task time. Break tasks into smaller, manageable mini-tasks.

Try to make it fun

Little things like blasting their favourite music will help make task time fun for kids. You could stop halfway through for some fruit and ice-cream or even a special post-work family outing.

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