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How-to spice up your career in 5 easy steps

You may have a well-paying, stable job that you can do with your eyes closed — but none of that matters if you’re already thinking about 5 o‘clock when your workday starts. Kickstart a more enlivened employment path with these simple tips.

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5 tips to a better workday

Do something different

Doing something outside the box can set you apart and make bosses or potential employers take a second glance at you. According to life coach Adam Sicinski,  creative ingenuity involves flexibility, imagination and, believe it or not, playfulness.

Your creation, invention or idea doesn’t even have to relate to your job. It can focus on a hobby or even involve volunteer work. In fact, Catherine Twiss of online Australian career resource says volunteering is a solid way to “increase your skills, give you exposure to different types of work and increase networks.”

Get published

It doesn’t have to be in a best-selling novel. E-books, blogs, Web sites and print articles all provide platforms upon which you can get visibility on an idea or career goal. If seen by the right people, you can become known as an expert or go-to person in your field.

If you decide to start your own blog on your industry, Sydney-based Switched on Media says to always use attention-grabbing titles and first lines, maintain a certain “voice” and pepper posts with questions to keep readers engaged.

Use Facebook for more than stalking your ex

Gaining ground on a social networking site can work wonders for your portfolio. You can find like-minded people with whom you can share ideas, ask about trends or emerging areas in your field or respectfully debate. Befriending the right people might also lead to additional work opportunities.

Australasian Talent Conference co-founder Trevor Vas says social media can work as a job-seeking tool if you are active in the communities, network with higher-ups in the companies you want to work in and engage actively in industry discussions. On Twitter, use hashtags related to your field to further your reach.

Find out what you want to be when you grow up

Many of us may have somehow stumbled onto a career path that no longer suits us thanks to the lure of money, job stability or pressure from family. Now that you’re at your crossroads, get back to your core desires, says Mark Dean of Victoria-based Campbell & Dean Management Consulting. He says considering a range of possibilities that takes into account which activities make you feel good can help you determine your next step. One way to research this could be through psychological testing that assesses your preferences and tasks you enjoy doing.

Be a joiner

Whether you want to stay in your field or completely switch livelihoods, you need to network. Join an organisation or group related to what you want to do (check Meetup for some local ideas), or even try more casual gatherings of young professionals. Both can help you meet new people, exchange relevant ideas and enhance your chances of getting a better job.

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