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Create a life you’ll love with these 3 simple “ingredients”

Amy Peloso

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s easy to get caught up in the hoopla of such a major commercial holiday and forget what it’s all about: love.



t Of course we know it’s about love, but there’s a heavy focus on romantic love. While that would be nice (bet you don’t have to guess my status!), what about love for ourselves, others and our lives?

t On Valentine’s Day especially, whether you’re single or attached, it’s easy to compare yourself to others and think about what you don’t have. You may begin to have thoughts of jealousy, sadness, loneliness, hopelessness or fear of not getting what you want.

t Needless to say, this kind of thinking does not feel good! But it doesn’t have to be that way.

t Love is a powerful emotion. The feelings generated when you experience it in any form, from sweet kisses and kind words to good deeds and fluffy kittens, can make your heart so full you feel like you could burst!

t Well, did you know that our thoughts literally change our body chemistry? It’s true. And we have control over our thoughts.

t You see, when we think thoughts that come from a place of love, our brain makes good chemicals that have a positive effect on our bodies and minds.

t When we think thoughts rooted in fear such as worry, doubt, lack, etc. poisonous ones are released that have a negative impact on our overall health.

t Think of your mind as a powerful juice maker that’ll either make tasty or toxic potions, depending on the ingredients.

t And just as we have control over the ingredients we put into our literal juice maker, we have control over what we put in our mental one.

t Here’s the mix that will have you falling in love this Valentine’s Day… with your life.

Love Potion #9


  • Acknowledgment
  • t

  • Acceptance
  • t

  • Appreciation

t You can’t make a drink with ingredients you don’t have, and the same goes for creating a life you love. You have to start with what you do have and then you can add to the recipe.

t When we acknowledge, accept and appreciate all that we have (and we do have a lot, when you think about it!) we’ll generate thoughts and feelings that will flood our body and mind with liquid sunshine! We’ll be a ray of light that radiates warmth everywhere.

t From that place of light, we can see. We’ll notice people, opportunities and things that will add to our mix and make it even tastier!

t Here’s to falling in love with your life today, and drinking in all that it has to offer you!

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