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Two-year-old and her piglet BFF make the cutest photos ever

Full disclosure: These photos are going to make your heart explode from cuteness overload. This little girl may have the best life I can possibly imagine, with her pig, three dogs, two cats, one rabbit, one tortoise, two lambs and a fabulous mommy who captures all the furry love on film. Her mom puts pictures of them all (especially Libby and the piglet) on her blog and Instagram page, so if you love animals and babies, you need to check them out.

Libby is 2 years old, and recently her parents got her a present that, I must confess, I asked for on a regular basis as a kid: a piglet! The piglet’s name is Pearl (cutest name for a pig ever), and she’s a teacup pig, which means she likely won’t get much bigger than a small dog. You can read about her introduction to the family and find out where they found her on Lindsey Bonnice’s (Libby’s mom) blog. Pearl loves to bury herself in blankets, snort around for stray crumbs and play with Libby on a regular basis. While the family has a 300-acre farm, they plan on keeping her mainly as an indoor pet, and that’s just the way Libby wants it.

Libby and Pearl became fast friends (as is clear from the many pictures of them together), and they do everything that girlfriends do, from snuggling to laughing to playing dress-up, not to mention their mom puts them in these adorable pink settings, which complement the baby and piglet perfectly, so the pictures are both cute and chic. Thus Lindsay’s Instagram page is now my No. 1 go-to for the foreseeable future. I’ll stop talking about it and let you bask in the adorableness yourself. You’re welcome in advance.

Getting ready for a nap

Libby’s 2nd birthday!

True love’s kiss

Pig pile time!

Looks like Pearl wants a Libby snack

Girls loving dress-up

Just two friends having the best time together

However, the cat is not thrilled about it

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