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Cinderella’s glass slipper reimagined by top designers

I spent a large portion of my childhood wishing I could try on Cinderella’s glass slippers. They always looked so magical, so delicate and so impossible to wear that I simply had to have them. Well, I suppose all that wishing paid off, because now nine of the world’s top designers are creating their own unique versions of that iconic shoe, and what’s more, you’ll actually be able to buy them come March!

No, this is not a fantasy. In honor of the release of their live-action Cinderella, Disney brought in some of the most exciting designers — including Jimmy Choo, Stuart Weitzman and Nicholas Kirkwood — to build modern versions of the famous glass slipper. And the best part is, come March you can purchase these unique shoes at retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue in the U.S., Harrods in London and Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Until then, I’ll be building a second closet to fit all nine variations of my favorite fairytale shoe.

The endeavor is equally exciting to the retailers who get to carry the new designs. Mark Briggs, chief marketing and creative officer at Saks Fifth Avenue, says, “Saks aims to bring back the magic in retail, and what better way to celebrate than enchanting our customers with dazzling footwear fit to make any dream come true?” Couldn’t agree with you more, Mark. And now, without further ado, let me present you with the sketches for these incredible creations. All I can say is, I finally understand that song in Cinderella “So This is Love” where she falls in love with Prince Charming. Except for me, it’s with these shoes.

Image: Giphy

Jimmy Choo
Oh, Jimmy. If I could write a love sonnet to a shoe, it would be to this one right here. Here, let me give it a try: “Shall I compare thee to a red pump? Thou art more sparkly and more impressive.” Yeah, I won’t quit my day job. This shoe is just a showstopper, or shall I say a shoe-stopper? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I think I’m looking forward to seeing this one in person the most.

Nicholas Kirkwood

Now this one I have to say looks most like what I imagined the modern-day Cinderella wearing. It has the glassy look, but also doesn’t skimp on the shine and shimmer factor. Here’s what Kirkwood had to say about his design: “Cinderella has both delicate and strong qualities as a character. The moment of transformation emphasizes both and gave me the design inspiration to create a piece that spoke to the film’s magic.” Now that’s a fashion and feminist-forward design. You go, Kirkwood!

Stuart Weitzman

You always have to be just a little bit different, don’t you, Stuart Weitzman? This glass slipper is actually a bootie you can see through with wait… sparkling diamonds, did he say?? Well, this one may be the most precious of the nine, if only in terms of the bling it’s sporting.

Charlotte Olympia and Salvatore Ferragamo

Two of the boldest, most inventive designers today offer glass slippers that look to give any wearer super-woman powers. Olympia was thrilled with the chance to create this shoe for Disney: “It was such a pleasure to create my version of Cinderella’s glass slipper, which I have aptly named If the Shoe Fits. This transparent platform shoe made with my signature PVC and Perspex materials is adorned with star and crystal detailing as befits any princess.” All I can say is Prince Charming had better watch his step while Cinderella’s wearing those massive things.

Then we have Ferragamo’s offering. To me, this is high-fashion art at its finest. Massimiliano Giornetti, Ferragamo’s creative director describes them succinctly, “This shoe made of transparency and light: the cage heel, an iconic symbol of Salvatore Ferragamo, is covered with Swarovski crystals and is transformed by sparkling impalpability into a modern Cinderella fairytale of soft sensuality and a powerful femininity.” The heel is a cage of crystals for Pete’s sake! That’s a dream shoe if ever I saw one.

Can’t wait until March to see the rest of these beauties? Check them out at Price tags are still unknown, but with all that crystal, assume they’ll be on the pricier side.

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