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10 Undeniable reasons dogs are better than cats

I’m sorry, but I’m going there. I love dogs and have two of my own. Cats? Never have been and never will be a fan.

With just a quick spin around the internet, home of the viral cat video, it’s clear to see that many people think I’m in the wrong. Sadly, I’m set in my ways. I am a dog lover for life. No matter how you may try to convince me that cats are the most adorable of creatures, I can honestly say that I am happy my husband just happens to be allergic to felines.

It may be juvenile to pit one against the other, but I’m ready to put my dog in the race. Dog lovers, I know you feel me. Here are 10 indisputable reasons why dogs make better pets.

1. Brains

Smart dog


Right out of the gate, this is one topic likely to make “cat people” defensive. But when New Scientist magazine compared dogs’ and cats’ intelligence in 11 different categories, dogs prevailed.

2. Companionship



There are plenty of cat lovers who will argue this point, but the general consensus is: Cats are independent, and dogs will stick to you like glue. The real question is, however, which pet better suits your personality? As an extrovert, I am a diehard #teamdog.

3. Exercise



I have yet to see a bounding (domestic) kitty dragging someone up a hiking trail. Dogs love to run and romp in the great outdoors — perfect for those non-couch potatoes looking to stay in shape. Michigan State University research confirms that dog owners exercise 30 minutes more per week than those who don’t own a dog.

4. Happiness

Happy dog


Cats are good for sitting sulkily on your lap as you ugly-cry and watch The Notebook after a breakup, no doubt about it, but dogs win again — researchers say that dog owners laugh more often than cat owners.

5. Loyalty

Loyal dog


As the saying goes and according to Chez DaMutt in The Complete Dog Treat, “Dogs will wake you if the house is on fire. Cats will quietly sneak out the back door.”

6. Maintenance

Dog food


This is a hard point to argue since it often depends on preference. I personally find dogs low maintenance and less demanding than their feline counterparts, especially when you factor in cleaning the litter box. Cat lovers disagree, saying that cats are far less demanding than dogs since they can be left alone for hours to do their own thing.

7. Popularity

Dog hug


American Pet Products Association statistics indicate that 37 to 47 percent of households own a dog versus 30 to 37 percent of households that own a cat. I rest my case.

8. Protection

Guard dog


A number of dog owners value their pups simply for their ability to serve and protect. Though I am a mama to two puny Chihuahuas, I still appreciate when their barking alerts me of things that go bump in the night.

9. Selection

Big dog

Image: Reddit

Small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs — take your pick. Unless you plan on taming a wildcat, most felines only come in the traditional house cat variety.

10. Selflessness

Dog and lamb


One LifeHacker commenter points out the greatest benefit of the canine breed: nobility. Police dogs, seeing eye dogs and dogs that can smell the early stages of cancer put even the most adorable kitty to shame.

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