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Tweet costs teen her job before her first day

Another day, another lesson in how to be an adult in the world. Unfortunately this particular lesson ended with a teen losing her job over an offensive tweet, but sometimes tough love is the only kind that has an impact. I bet Twitter user Cella will think twice every time she tweets now. Or at least come up with some more interesting emojis.

The basic gist of this story is Texas teenager Cella tweeted a less-than-complimentary tweet about her upcoming job at a pizza parlor, then her boss-to-be Robert Waple happened to get wind of it and did her a similar courtesy of firing her via tweet before she came in for work. This was only the second time he’d been moved to tweet since 2009. I know, this sounds like a bummer for Cella, but not terribly interesting for the rest of the world, so why has this Twitteraction gone viral? You have to see it to fully understand. I will help tell the story with caption commentary, but mostly just let Twitter weave its magic.

So Cella, like most teens was not too amped about starting her new job tomorrow:

Image: @Cellla via Twitter

Which was lucky for her because she got fired before she even came in.

Image: @Robertwaple via Twitter

But, rather than sad or mad, she reacted like this:

Image: @Cellla via Twitter

Normally, her boss doesn’t check Twitter, but a magical fairy whispered the tweet in his ear:

Image: @Robertwaple via Twitter

And suddenly the world was all abuzz with the fable of the fired teen and her horrible and/or horribly clever would-be boss.

Some thought Cella was simply utilizing her freedom of speech, albeit in a reckless manner, and should speak to a lawyer to fight her case.

While others believed the evil pizza shop owner was fully within his rights to dis and dismiss her.

However, in the end, the evil pizza shop owner got the last laugh, as is customary in stories such as these:

Image: @Robertwaple via Twitter

Remember, kids. Always eat your vegetables, and never, ever put personal vendettas on public forum spaces like Twitter. It will come back to bite you in the ass.

*Today’s lesson is brought to you by the letter “T.”

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