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14 Things only pit bull owners know

Pit bull owners are a breed all their own, and they aren’t shy when it comes to telling you that their oft-maligned dogs are the most amazing dogs on the planet. Whether you fear the dog or want to bring one home, chew on these fun furry facts that only pit bull parents understand.

1. You can’t just have one

2. Pit bull owners feel this way — every single day

3. Pit bulls really can get along with other animals

4. Pit bulls love to be underfoot, even if it means you may fall on them

5. Pit bulls are awesome with kids, especially giving kid-snuggles

6. Pit bulls often find themselves all alone at the dog park because other dog park goers quickly leave

7. People will extremely love your pit bull or extremely hate your pit bull

8. Pit bulls make finding a place to live a difficult ordeal, and getting rid of your dog is out of the question

9. Pit bulls are exceedingly protective of their family pack and will lose their lives fighting for yours

10. Pit bulls are natural athletes and love to show it off

11. They are awesome friends

12. Pit bulls may look serious, but they have a goofy side that just won’t quit

13. When looking up dog breed information, don’t mistake your pit bull for the singer (although both are handsome)

14. Pit bulls aren’t just pets, they are a way of life

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