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14 Things only German Shepherd owners know


German Shepherds are best known for being courageous K-9 police dogs, but there is so much more to these captivating canines. Big and bold with a sensitive side — this is something German Shepherd owners already understand. Are you contemplating bringing one into your home? Great! Because fiercely loyal and ferociously sweet German Shepherds truly are man’s best friend.

1. German Shepherds are scary intelligent and determined to find solutions to problems — such as getting a BFF out of a crate to play

German Shepherd opening crate
Image: TheJulieCaitlin via YouTube

2. German Shepherds are toy hoarders and don’t like to share

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3. They’re always happy to see you, whether it’s been all day or 10 minutes

4. They like to be just one of the kids

5. German Shepherds are keenly in tune with your feelings and eager to show it

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