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7 Tips to get your shed organized for spring

Once the warm weather hits, you’ll want to be ready for the new gardening season. With all the yard work tasks that will need to be done, the last thing you’ll want to struggle with is constantly looking for things in your shed or tripping over your tools. Now is the time to get your shed ready for spring and summer.

1. Make room

shed organization Photo by Cocoparisienne via Pixabay

If you packed away any of your seasonal decor in your shed over the winter, move it out or to the back. You’ll need to make room for your garden tools and supplies for the upcoming season.

2. Garden tool maintenance

shed organization

Photo by Deborah Miller via Pixabay

Now that your Christmas lights and decor are out of the way, bring your garden tools and lawn equipment forward. If you did not get a chance to clean your tools before you packed them away, now is the time to give them a thorough inspection. Get your garden gear in tiptop shape for spring.

3. Organize your shelves

garden shed organization Photo by Werner 22 Brigette via Pixabay

Take a look at your shelves and remove any supplies that are outdated. Once the shelves are clean and organized, you can take an inventory of what garden supplies you will need for your lawn and garden.

4. Check for winter guests

garden shed organization
Photo by Sippa via Pixabay

Look for evidence of unwanted, furry boarders. Garden sheds are popular nesting spots for rodents over the winter months. Look for holes in the walls and droppings. If you see any tell-tale signs, get a few traps and take care of the pests before they cause further damage.

5. Wash it down

garden shed organization
Photo by Suzeword5 via Pixabay

After you have evicted your winter guests, give the shed a good sweep and mop if needed. A clean shed will help deter additional pests from making a home.

6. Check your hardware

garden shed organization Photo by Unsplash via Pixabay

If you have any tools hanging on your shed walls, give the hooks an inspection. Reinforce any of them that seem loose. You don’t want any tools falling on your head!

7. Paint touch up

garden shed organization Photo by Nuzree via Pixabay

Lastly, survey the outside of the shed. You might need to add a new coat of paint or touch up your shed. Go ahead and take care of the paint job now before you get too busy in the garden.

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