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11 Bangin’ lipstick colors for dark-skinned girls

Despite contrary belief, there are many lipstick options for darker skin tones. I used to be very scared to venture out in the “bold and bright lipsticks” arena. However, one day I decided to give it a try! And I’ve been hooked ever since.

Lipsticks help to just give your makeup look that extra pop! Whether you go matte, bold, shimmery or nude, you truly need to rock the lipsticks. There are so many great tones, textures and colors. The nude palettes are excellent choices for the darker skin tones as well. In order to get comfortable I had to start with colors like reds and pinks.

From there I ventured out to purple, orange and now my new-found love, blue. I think it’s about finding the right shade that goes well with your skin tone. Because there are so many different “reds,” just like there are many different shades of pink. But either way, there’s a perfect shade for you.

So to my darker-skinned ladies, don’t be afraid to rock the daring colors too. Some of which include greens, yellows, browns and all the ones mentioned above. You just have to pair each color with the right occasion, a smile and your confidence.

Here are some of my favorite shades. Be sure to apply a lip balm before you apply your lipsticks, to keep your lips from getting dry. And remember to do a scrub at least once a week as well. I usually do some brown sugar with honey.

1. Bare Minerals “Fall in Love”

(, $20)

The Bare Minerals products are powered by skin nourishing ingredients. So when you apply their lipsticks you don’t have to worry about putting anything harmful on your precious lips! The consistency is very rich and creamy as well.

2. MAC “Spirit”

(MAC Cosmetics, $16)

Now MAC is obviously one of my favorite lipstick lines. They have a wide variety of colors, shades and formulas to choose from. Recently I’ve been venturing in the nude department and Spirit happens to be one of my faves.

3. Ka’oir “Mistress”

(, $16)

Kaoir is a bold and very vibrant cosmetic line. This one is for the times when you truly want to make a statement. They are satin matte based, and not animal tested. This line is my new-found love!

4. MAC “Viva Glam III”

(MAC Cosmetics, $16)

You know those nights when you want a little dark, yet not-so-dark look? This shade is perfect for those! It’s a matte lip color so you could always add some gloss, or rock it just the way it is too.

5. MAC “Russian Red”

(MAC Cosmetics, $16)

Now I absolutely love reds! There are so many shades of red though. This one has been my go-to red lately. It has a hint of orange in it. I would say it’s in the brick-red family. Either way it’s truly a “lipstick must have”.

6. MAC “Sin”

(MAC Cosmetics, $16)

Now I was a little skeptical about the “Sin” color. I mean just listen to that name! But when I tried it, I absolutely loved it! This is another one that could be matte, or you could pop on some gloss too.

7. MAC “So Chaud”

(MAC Cosmetics, $16)

This one is for the bright days! When I wear it I feel oh, so happy!

8. MAC “Up the Amp”

(MAC Cosmetics, $16)

I like wearing this color for the days when I have to run some light errands and I just want a hint of color.

9. MAC “Rebel”

(Bloomingdale’s, $16)

This one is an oldie but goodie! It’s like the best of both worlds. Purple with a hint of berry.

10. MAC “Flat out Fabulous”

(MAC Cosmetics, $16)

Now this one is my favorite, favorite pink! Seriously, if I am out of this one, I will not feel complete. It’s just so pretty. And it’s the perfect shade of pink.

11. Ka’oir “Doll”

(, $18)

Now last, but definitely not least, is my blue! Yes, blue. This one is for the fun and fabulous nights. It’s great for photo shoots, date nights, and all that fun stuff.

So I double dare you to rock these new lipstick shades. Whether you go red, pink, purple or blue, you’re going to look totally fab.

Image: Brian To/

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