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3 Women dedicated to motherhood, breastfeeding and mentoring girls (VIDEO)

With the constant demands of work, motherhood and everything in between, pursuing your passion can seem like a hefty feat, but it’s possible. We caught up with a few inspiring Experts and bloggers to find out how they did it.

Crystal Granderson-Reid is a former model, writer, creative consultant and mother of three girls. Her passion is advocating for young girls through mentoring. She teaches her girls that life is short and excuses are long, and encourages them to not fear the unknown and live life out loud. Watch her video to learn more.

Brandi Jeter started her career as a blogger. She wrote about her passion for motherhood and her experience tackling it alone. She hoped to connect with other women in similar situations. Watch her video to see how far she’s come in five years.

Sara Chana Silverstein is an international board certified lactation consultant, classical homeopath, master herbalist and mother of seven. Her passion is educating and helping women through childbirth and breastfeeding. The first step, she says, is identifying your passion and then determining how to fit it into your life.

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