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Woman has baby kangaroo service animal, asked to leave restaurant

Customers and employees at a Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, McDonald’s weren’t quite sure what to do when a woman came in with a baby kangaroo wrapped in a baby blanket and toted along inside an infant car seat.

An anonymous complaint was made to the local police. The officer who was dispatched reports that she initially said the kangaroo was a service animal and even amazingly showed him a doctor’s order, but she did agree to leave with little fuss after that. Adorable? Yes!
Weird? A little.

The woman said the little guy helped her with emotional distress and comfort, which no doubt he does — who wouldn’t want to cuddle with a little joey, wrap him up in a baby blanket and place him in a car seat? This girl would. However, these animals grow up to be very large and very strong, so I have to wonder where the little creature will wind up once he’s big enough to seriously injure her. Perhaps she could get a puppy instead.

That said, here are five other animals we wish we could get away with calling service animals.

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