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Now you can tattoo your Instagram snaps on your body

Forget filters: The newest way to display your plethora of Instagram photos isn’t on the app at all. Instead, show off your snaps of beach vacations, outfits and #foodporn with a tattoo… not the kind with needles and ink, the temporary kind.

Like glitter-bombing your enemies, it’s the service you didn’t know you needed in your life.

Picattoo makes it all possible. The easy-to-use website works like this: Sign in to your Instagram account through the website, upload up to 12 of your favorite photos, pay $15 and in a few days you’ll receive a pack of 12 temporary tattoos printed on high-quality tattoo transfer paper.

Do they actually, you know, look good? Well, judge for yourself.
Picattoo says each temporary tattoo will last up to a week, which is plenty of time to show off that cute picture of your pup.
The Picattoo site says you should put your Insta-tats on your friends, but nah. I’m all about this new form of wearable art. In fact, I’m about to make some tattoos of Instagram photos that show off my (real) tattoos. Eventually, I’ll make some Picattoo temporary tattoos made entirely of Instagram photos that show me wearing other Picattoo temporary tattoos.

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