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Dippy the Dinosaur’s days are numbered. Can a petition save his place at London’s Natural History Museum?

To date 29,568 people have signed a petition to keep Dippy the Dinosaur in his long-standing spot at London’s Natural History Museum. Clearly many people just don’t like change. It’s understandable when you consider that the 85-foot-long plaster diplodocus has been the centrepiece of the museum’s main hall for 35 years.

Dippy fans were aghast to hear that their beloved dino is to be moved out of the Hintze Hall, in the summer of 2017, to be replaced by a real, 83-foot-long skeleton of a blue whale, which will be suspended and “diving” from the ceiling.

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After the news was announced, Dippy started trending on Twitter and he now has his own account @SaveDippy, with the description “Natural History Museum dinosaur looking for work. Forced into retirement at the young age of 150 million. Still have life left in me #SaveDippy.”

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Unfortunately for Dippy and his thousands of fans it doesn’t seem likely that he’ll survive beyond his expiry date of 2017. The change is part of a “decade of transformation” headed by Natural History Museum director Sir Michael Dixon. He has said that the museum wants to focus on the “real” and obviously Dippy is a fake: one of 10 replicas in museums around the world that are modelled on the near-complete skeleton of a real diplodocus discovered in Wyoming in 1898 and housed at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh.

Do you want to save Dippy? Sign the petition and pop along to the Natural History Museum to see him — while you still can.

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