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5 Ways to celebrate World Nutella Day

Are you a fan of a certain chocolate and hazelnut spread? Join millions of others and celebrate World Nutella Day on Feb. 5.

True Nutella devotees will argue that every day is Nutella Day so what can you do on Feb. 5 to really take your Nutella love to another level?

1. Wear some stylish Nutella-themed attire

Wear some appropriate clothing on World Nutella Day, February 5

I Love Nutella T-shirt (£10); Nutella pullover (£14); Unisex Nutella T-shirt (£12-£13), all from Amazon

2. Use Nutella in every meal of the day


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Bedtime drink

Video credit: Tipsy Bartender/YouTube

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3. Take a Nutella history lesson

February 5 is World Nutella Day

Image: Nutella/Twitter

Did you know that Nutella was created in 1946 by an Italian pastry maker as a solution to the cocoa shortage following World War II? It was originally a loaf-shaped sweet paste that could be sliced and served on bread. In 1951 it was transformed into a spreadable form called SuperCrema. It wasn’t called Nutella until 1964 when it first became available as a jar of hazelnut cream. The name comes from the English “nut” and the Latin “ella” (suffix for “sweet”). Over 150 countries in the world now enjoy Nutella for all its wonderful, chocolatey, nuttiness.

4. Take it into the bedroom

If you’re in the mood for some loving on World Nutella Day, take a jar of it into the bedroom with you and create your own saucy Nutella sandwich.

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5. Eat an entire jar of Nutella

If this guy can do it…

Video credit: Furious Pete/YouTube

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