Stars put pen to paper for National Doodle Day

To celebrate National Doodle Day on Feb. 6, a host of celebrities have created their own doodle to raise money for Epilepsy Action. And you can join in too.

Love doodling? If you find it hard to resist when there’s a scrap piece of paper lying around, then National Doodle Day is for you. It’s simple: do a doodle, donate a pound to help support the 600,000 people who live with epilepsy in the U.K. and get all your doodling friends and family involved too.

So far over £295,000 has been raised for the cause and many celebrity doodlers have got involved too. Check out some of this year’s star doodles: 

Ben de Lisi for National Doodle Day

Image: National Doodle Day

Even from a simple doodle you can tell fashion and interior designer Ben de Lisi is a creative sort.

Konnie Huq for National Doodle Day

Image: National Doodle Day

Konnie Huq, writer and longest serving Blue Peter presenter, sticks to nature for her doodle.

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Santa Montefiore for National Doodle Day

Image: National Doodle Day

Novelist Santa Montefiore brings colour to her doodle of bees and flowers.

Bruno Langley for National Doodle Day

Image: National Doodle Day

Former Coronation Street actor Bruno Langley is spreading a message of peace with his doodle.

Linda Lusardi for National Doodle Day

Image: National Doodle Day

Television presenter and former glamour model Linda Lusardi has gone for an intricate, patterned doodle.

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Grayson Perry for National Doodle Day

Image: National Doodle Day

Turner prize winning artist Grayson Perry is known for his ceramic vases, which he’s chosen as the subject of his doodle.

Julia Donaldson for National Doodle Day

Image: National Doodle Day

Julia Donaldson’s doodle is one all fans of The Gruffalo will recognise.

Sarah Duchess of York for National Doodle Day

Image: National Doodle Day

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has given her doodle a regal touch with monogrammed paper.

All celebrity doodles will go up for auction on eBay on Feb. 6 to raise money for Epilepsy Action and you’ll have 10 days to bid for your favourite.

Do you find yourself doodling the same thing again and again and wonder what it says about your personality? Here’s some insight from the National Doodle Day experts:

If you draw circular and rounded shapes like spirals, suns, flowers, faces, balloons, rings, clocks, etc., you’re an emotional sort who wants love and dreams of peace.

If you draw square shapes or objects with flat surfaces such as boxes, houses, tables, books, towers, ladders, etc., you’re likely to be a practical, down-to-earth type who likes to feel secure and in control.

If you draw triangular objects or things with pointed shapes such as stars, arrows, zig-zags, diamonds, kites, etc., you’re probably a driven person, who needs to find an outlet for your mental and physical energy.

See more celebrity doodles, and upload your own doodle, on the National Doodle Day website. If you or someone you know has epilepsy, visit Epilepsy Action for information and support.

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