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Sex toy tester? Chocolate consultant? Could one of these be your dream job?

Fed up with your job? Why not spice it up — literally — with one of these alternative careers? You’ll never have a boring day’s work again.

Stuck in a rut at work? Your dream job could be right around the corner…

Sex toy tester

For a job that’s a little more, um, pleasurable, than your typical office work, why not take a leaf out of Cara Houiellebecq’s book? She earns £15,000 a year testing sex toys for adult companies and reviewing them on her erotic blog. “Toys have always been a part of my private sex life — it gave me the idea to start writing about my sex life and I had the idea to start testing sex toys,” says Cara, who has won Best Erotic Journalist at the ETO awards for two consecutive years. And the biggest perk of the job? 15 orgasms per week — and that’s just during working hours.

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Personal shopper

If your bank balance doesn’t quite accommodate your clothes buying habit, why not become a personal shopper? OK, so you might not be taking the clothes home yourself but it’s the next best thing. Someone else’s money and your love of fashion and style — it’s the perfect combination.

Is bed tester the best job in the world?Photo credit: m-imagephotography / iStock/360 / Getty Images

Bed tester

Find it a struggle to get out of bed in the morning? If your favourite place in the world is under your duvet, a career as a professional bed tester could be the answer. Some hotel chains hire bed testers to assess the comfort level of their mattresses, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “sleeping on the job.”

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Professional holidaymaker

Are you constantly counting the days, weeks and months until your next exotic holiday? Who isn’t? Back in March 2014 Luxury Travel Intelligence, a members-only resource for rich travellers, posted a vacancy for a holiday reviewer, which involved a year-long trip worth £600,000 and included a stay on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island, a visit to David Furnish’s new Champagne lounge in Las Vegas, a stay at the Velaa Private Island hotel in the Maldives and a tour of Europe’s top ski resorts.

Is chocolate consultant the best job in the world?Photo credit: Alliance / iStock/360 / Getty Images

Chocolate consultant

If you just can’t shake your chocolate addiction why not turn it into a lucrative career? Take inspiration from Jenny Earle, a self-confessed chocoholic, who runs “chocolate ecstasy tours,” analyses the taste of chocolate and develops chocolate recipes for a range of businesses. Basically, she gets paid to eat and play with chocolate.

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