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How to accessorise like a Middleton

Whether you aspire to the relaxed elegance of Kate or the socialite chic of Pippa, there’s no denying that this family has taste.

Kate wearing a white hat

If you love the Middleton look, the key is simplicity and shape. Start caring about cut and finish, but don’t embrace snobbery. These stylish women are all the more aspirational because they don’t turn their noses up at high street labels. The ladies may love big names, but they embrace good design above all else.

If there’s one thing that the Middletons are especially good at, it’s accessorising. Never knowingly under or over-accessorised, Kate and Pippa unfailingly strike the perfect balance with their outfit additions. To help you get their look, we’ve compiled a complete Middleton guide to accessories.


Pippa carrying brown leather bag

Ms. Pippa Middleton is the undisputed queen of stylish arm candy. Seemingly every bag Pippa wears proceeds to fly from the shelves. With her slick, socialite style, she has popularised stunning signature bags like the iconic Pippa leather grab bags from Modalu England. Her handbag style typically incorporates classic silhouettes and modern finishing. Quality leather and on-trend colour palettes are the key to Pippa’s enviable bag collection.


Kate wearing drop pendant earrings and black hat

Kate’s elegant drop pendant earrings are a key part of her look. Her jewellery style is beautifully understated, combining pretty design and stunning jewels befitting a duchess with pared back simplicity.

With a smaller budget and fewer grand occasions to attend, Pippa can afford to be a little more daring and creative with her jewellery. Pretty pendant necklaces with kooky designs and longer, refined drop earrings accentuate the socialite’s gorgeous features, particularly combined with a loose updo.

BeltsKate with blah bag and scarf

Kate is a big fan of the cinched waist. Prior to her pregnancy she used wide, black, elasticated belts to draw attention to her tiny Middleton middle and break up her outfits. Pippa, meanwhile, prefers a thinner, brown leather belt, worn at her equally tiny waist.


Kate wearing scarf

Kate may be a duchess, but she is the queen of the chic scarf. In colder months Kate loves to accessorise with a rich, effortlessly draped pashmina scarf. For chillier spring and autumn days, the princess opts for gauzier, patterned numbers, tied chicly at the throat below a smart blazer.


Kate wearing fluffy hat

If anybody needs to have their millinery just so, it’s the Duchess of Cambridge. Hats are rather an outmoded affair these days. Unless you’re attending weddings or Royal Ascot, you’re unlikely to need to indulge in a hat or fascinator.

For Kate Middleton though, they are part of the daily uniform for official functions. Pippa frequently wears a hat as well. Their skill lies in maintaining a classic feel without looking frumpy or stuffy. Steering away from old-fashioned florals and classic shapes keeps the Middleton’s look current, whilst opting for more structural and abstract designs adds contemporary edge. When they do embrace more classic styles, Kate and Pippa make sure they don’t veer into the dowdy by wearing their millinery at a coquettish angle and teaming the look with vintage-inspired pieces. Hats off to these stylish sisters.

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