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Makeup to toss after 30

The makeup that works in your 20s isn’t always flattering as you age. Some makeup has no place in your beauty routine after 30, so it’s important to give your makeup bag an overhaul and toss anything that no longer helps you look your best.

Woman applying make-up in mirror

All that glitters

The first items of makeup to toss after you turn 30 are any products that glitter or shimmer. Even on younger women glitter can easily look tacky, but on women in their 30s and beyond, it just doesn’t work. Toss the glittery nail polish, eye shadow, eye liner or bronzer and, if you can’t live without a little shimmer, opt instead for an understated highlighter or illuminator to give you a natural-looking glow. (Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Éclat is a celebrity favourite.)

Outrageous colours

High fashion, trendy colours are fun to experiment with when you’re young but bright colours and metallics are not flattering after your 20s. White and bright eye colours tend to accentuate fine lines and creeping wrinkles around your eyes. Clear your makeup bag of extreme mascaras, eye shadows and eye liners and replace them by investing in high quality shades that suit you. If you still feel the need to be a bit adventurous with colour, reserve it for one area of your makeup such as a bright red lip or a fun nail colour.

Anything you bought at the £1 store

Your skin is less forgiving as you grow older, so it’s important to be careful what you feed it in your 30s. Avoid buying cosmetics from the bargain bin and invest in quality products from reputable brands. This is especially true for primer, foundation and concealer, all of which are in contact with your skin for many hours each day. Cheap mascara is also a firm no-no as your eyes are sensitive and should preferably not be exposed to poor quality products.

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Shiny gloss

Lip gloss isolated on white

Shiny, sticky lip gloss has no place in your makeup routine after 30. Apart from the fact that it’s a little offputting and intimidating to a date, shiny lips are not flattering on women as we age, as fine lines on our lips tend to be exacerbated by gloss. If you like a little shine, use a balm like Smith’s Rosebud Salve over your lip colour.

Trigger-happy tweezers

Tweezers aren’t technically makeup but they are a beauty product you should treat with caution after you turn 30. Over-plucking while you’re young can result in sparse brows as you age so, if you can’t trust yourself with your tweezers, it’s best to toss them and get your eyebrows professionally shaped by threading or waxing at a salon.

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