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Fashion for fat days

Amanda Moulson

This must be the worst week in fashion. It’s after Christmas and you feel as fat as the turkey but the gyms are still closed and what’s the point of starting that diet before New Year? We’ve got a few tips that will help you feel your best on those “fat days.”

Woman wearing blazer

Let’s face it, when we’re not feeling our fittest, it’s our instinct to try and hide. We’ve been told to wear black or dress in something “roomy” that covers our bulk. What we never seem to get right, though, is that when we’re feeling fat, it’s best to think thin — and dress that way.


The old “black is slimming” myth is held tightly by fashionistas, who would have us believe that the colour recedes, making us look smaller. Whilst there is some truth in this theory, there’s also plenty of evidence that brighter colours can not only energise us, making us stand taller (and therefore sucking it all in,) but some of them, like red, even rev our metabolisms. Go on, bring some colour to your wardrobe.


With bulging buttons, the last thing you may want near your abdomen is a constrictive belt but ignore your gut (pardon the pun) and cinch your waist. Not only do belts let you define your own curves, but doing so puts you back in control right when you’re feeling things have got out of hand.

Figure hugging clothes

You might be tempted to pull out some of your bulkier outfits or some old sack — akin to a muumuu — to hide your bulk. Don’t. Form-fitting clothes are actually most flattering. Skinny jeans and leggings suck everything in and, when paired with longer-waisted items (belted never hurts,) make for a really flattering silhouette. Go-to Zara has these items in spades.

Good bra

A good bra, that lifts and separates, does wonders for your figure. Take advantage of fitting services at Rigby & Peller or high street classics La Senza and M&S. It makes a world of difference.

High heels

There is nothing like high heels to elongate your legs, make your calves shapely and give you a proud, slimming posture. Don’t go flat when you’re feeling fat.

A few last tips

Because body image and the “feeling” of weight gain is so psychological, any steps you take to make you feel you’re on top of the issue will make you feel instantly thinner. So cut out carbs if that helps you; go to the gym; drink water with lemon… whatever it takes.

Finally, wear clothes your size. Don’t try to squeeze into something smaller because it’s aspirational. That will only create rolls and discomfort that draws attention to the areas about which you’re already under confident. Put those pieces away for the end of January and wear the most flattering items — in your size — until then.

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