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Lululemon online launches in the U.K.

The Canadian-brand Lululemon has a cult following in both its home country and the U.S.. Popular amongst health-conscious, professional women, Lululemon provides premium, innovative, chic athletic apparel and accessories.

With a showroom in Chelsea that opened in April earlier this year, Lululemon is set to spread its yoga love throughout the U.K. with the recent launch of its website.

North America phenomena

Founded in 1998 by Dennis “Chip” Wilson in Vancouver, Lululemon was an answer to the increase in popularity of yoga among young women. At the time Lululemon was a yoga-inspired lifestyle brand catering to health-conscious, professional women, providing them with premium and chic athletic wear and accessories. Soon Lululemon expanded throughout Canada and took the U.S. by storm with over 150 stores. Lululemon retail store employees are referred to as “educators;” many of them practise what Lululemon preach as fitness and healthy-lifestyle ambassadors when engaging with customers in stores.

Wunder Under beauty

While known for their premium pricing and chic designs, Lululemon is also renowned for their Wunder Under yoga pants. You may baulk at the £72 price tag for but have you seen yoga pants do wonders for your bum like these? Lululemon’s signature “luon” features four-way stretch that supports your bum like no other fabric, making them look fantastic while you’re in downward dog. It is no wonder that the Wunder Under yoga pant is seen on virtually every woman on a yoga mat on the other side of the Atlantic.

London calling

Having opened in April this year, the Lululemon Chelsea showroom is not like the traditional store you would find in either Canada or the U.S., but it still has most of the current range available. The Chelsea showroom has limited opening hours, operating only from Thursday to Sunday.

Community engagement

Like Lululemon stores in North America, the Chelsea showroom engages with the local yoga community and offers complimentary classes twice a week. This entices newcomers to the brand (both instructors as well as students,) and it also promotes awareness of various studios to the community.

Not in London but still in the U.K.? Lululemon recently launched its website that allows you to purchase their incredibly chic (and expensive) yoga-inspired athletic apparel and accessories online. With vibrant colours, vivid prints, sexy cuts and chic designs, this fashionable and functional athletic wear can now be purchased at the click of a button. So there is no excuse not to look and feel good while you work out. Check out

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