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Etsy favourites: Autumn leaves

Etsy is an online community where people from more than 150 countries sell their homemade creations. You can spend hours stumbling upon new finds — but you don’t have to! Each week we’ll feature a few of our favourite Etsy items. This week we’re helping you celebrate the vibrancy of the season with autumn leaf motifs.

Etsy favourites

Before we go all red and green for Christmas, let’s take some time to celebrate autumn beauty in what has been a particularly colourful season. The countryside is emblazoned with saturated yellows, fiery oranges, deep reds and rich browns. Why leave outside what we can have for our very own?

Leave a message

leaf stationary

As the silly season kicks off, why not send invitations for mulled wine, mince pies and other holiday gatherings on this custom printed stationery? The notes come in packs of 10 with matching envelopes and can be personalised with your own name or messages. If leaves aren’t your thing, why not check out different offerings by Fiona Designs? There are other seasonal motifs and loads for Christmas.

Gold leaf

leaf earrings

One thing about the Christmas season — even when we think we have a light party schedule — we’re usually wrong. And all those occasions require a bit of bling. Honour the autumn with these antique, matte gold-plated leaf earrings. Measuring about two inches, these beauties make a bold statement. The jewels are made by Silent Roses — and if you want more than two leaves, there’s a matching pendant, too.

Oh Christmas tree

leaf ornaments

While many debate the right time to get and decorate a Christmas tree, these beautiful clay ornaments pay heritage to its, pardon the pun, roots. Working in polymer clay, creator Starless Clay specialises in the media and designed this collection of four maple and oak leaf ornaments imprinted with a lacy paisley design. All are elegantly strung with gold ribbons and are light enough to hang-up high, on a tree or off.

Branch out

leather cuff bracelet

Whether it’s the rough-hewn look of the leather laces or the hand-painted leaf detail, something about this leather cuff just smacks of autumn with a rock-‘n’-roll finish. Pair with a vintage-looking tee and skinny jeans — or, on the coldest days — the rolled up sleeves of your jumper. After all, this bracelet needs to be seen. And unlike the leaves outside, you can control the change of colour. Just contact Artispartem and customise your order.

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