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Etsy favourites: Ceramics inspired by mother nature

Etsy is an online community where people from more than 150 countries sell their homemade creations. You can spend hours stumbling upon new finds — but you don’t have to! Each week we’ll feature a few of our favourite Etsy items. This week we’re helping you bring the outdoors into your home with ceramics inspired by nature.

Etsy favourites

The clocks have gone back and the trees are losing their leaves. But just because winter is coming that doesn’t mean we can’t relish the colours and shapes of the more verdant seasons. Earthenware, by its nature, can’t help but conjure up the outdoor world but Etsy is filled with beautiful pieces, inspired by field and forest, that can liven up any room.

Dotted with daisies

Daisy vase

Based on Korean incised floral-design technique, this large vase goes far afield to bring a field of daisies to your home. The neutral tones of the stoneware pottery can blend with many styles, decors and colours but will never fade into the background. And why should they? Green Ceramic Arts has perfected the art of creating these stunning stoneware pieces, all replete with hints of the natural world.

Pretty poppies

Poppy bowl

Teen artist Marci G makes us green with envy at having such an abundance of talent at so young an age — and this stoneware hand-built poppy bowl is proof of her vision. The petals curl upwards and are carefully formed to make them as real- looking as possible. Marci glazes the piece in Turquoise Waters, which gives it a soft, beachy feel. She reckons she has perfected the design and these are the best they’ve been. We believe her.

Going green

Verdigris teapot

Deb Babcock of Blue Sky Pottery created a crystalline glaze for this Verdigris teapot that swirls and shimmers like the lichen in the forests of her native Colorado. It features shades of sage green, bronze, gold and touches of aqua blue. According to the artist, “when the light hits it just right, it’s really stunning.” The teapot was thrown on a wheel but the spout and handles were hand-built from porcelain. Perfect as a collector’s piece or to pour your next cuppa. Better yet, it comes as part of a set.

Bowl of bulbs

Tulip bowl

It’s a long time until spring but you can go Dutch and get tulips into your house before the thaw. We love the primitive patterning on this tulip bowl and the bright blue bulbs and jade green leaves really stand out against the subtle stoneware background. Artist Karin Findell hand-coiled the clay to create this quirky, characterful serving bowl. She says it’s perfect for olives, nuts and small nibbles so get ready to impress your guests and consider ordering multiples.

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