How to have a luxury holiday on a budget

Everyone likes to splash out on a luxury holiday once in a while but not all of us can afford the celebrity-style
price tag. Follow our tips to bag yourself a top-of-the-range holiday at a budget cost.

Don’t spend a fortune on your holiday
Holiday resort

With a lot of research and a few clever tips, you can have an amazing holiday without spending a fortune. Here are our top five money-saving tricks.

Book during school time

This isn’t an option for all but, if you can book your holiday while the kids are still at school, you will benefit from a whole host of deals offered by companies desperate for business at a time when many cannot go away. From luxury all-inclusives to cruises and five-star packages, the prices can be slashed by as much as half before the kids break up. There are some great deals to be had but don’t be tempted to take the kids out of school to go on a bargain holiday — it is frowned upon, as the kids could miss important lessons, and some councils will even fine you.

Go out of season

Different holiday resorts and countries have different seasons depending on where they are in the world. If you don’t mind your resort being cooler than at peak times, or there being more chance of rain, you can get what were very expensive holidays at rock-bottom prices. Luxury resorts slash the cost but not the quality so you will experience everything a traveller paying full whack would but for far less money.

Check the sales

Although the era of last-minute flights and holidays for pence has gone, you can still get a good deal if you hang on to the end. You will have to accept this isn’t the time to be picky but, as long as you have no specific destination or hotel in mind, you could get a great deal. Many hotels and package-holiday companies are desperate to fill rooms and spaces on flights so, if they have any available at the last minute, they will knock down the price just to fill them. If you fancy an adventure and don’t stress out if arrangements aren’t planned well in advance, this could be perfect for you.

Check out specialist websites

There are many websites which specialise in offering amazing holidays on the cheap. They do deals with various companies to be able to make the offers they do and are often extremely good value. Sites like and have regular sales offering luxurious hotels at very good prices whereas specialises in finding discounts on luxury holidays and hotels around the world.

Use a special occasion to get a discount

Although this is the height of cheekiness, hotels have a budget set aside for this type of thing and it is no hardship for them to upgrade you or reduce prices as a “good will gesture.” If you are going on honeymoon, or it is a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, always tell the airline or hotel before you arrive. Often they will upgrade you to a flight class or room you could only have dreamt of.

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