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Make up to snare him, not scare him

Makeup. Women love it and men claim not to. Here’s a guide to the new season’s looks – for her and him.

As new clothes are paraded down the runways, so are makeup trends — and no autumn fashion preview is complete without a companion guide to the new season’s makeup. How can we work these trends — and the room — at the same time? SheKnows looks at how autumn 2012’s makeup styles will appeal to both the sexes.

Bright eyesBright eyes

This season’s catwalks gave us bold eye makeup with rich jewel tones, sometimes applied graphically. Big eyeliner flicks completed the look. All about excess, this trend is bound to make an impression.

  • She… will certainly work with eyeliner and may experiment with colour for big nights out, but will likely check the web for advice first.
  • He… will honestly think that primary colours applied in patterns are weird. But he does like that doe-eyed look.
  • We… think you can experiment without investing heavily. Shop Superdrug for Barry M and other brands known for their bright palettes. Barry M has fab online tutorials, too.

Nail designNail art

Nails have become a blank canvas for anything from animal prints to metallics and ombre-gradient effects. Add extreme shaping to the mix and nails are no longer tools but jewels! It’s one of the most affordable ways to express ourselves.

  • She… loves the indulgence of a mani/pedi, especially combined with retail therapy at Topshop’s Wah Nails. When waiting for payday she has fun making nails a DIY project. Again, the web can help — see these tips for easy ombre nails.
  • He… has no idea what “ombre” means in this context. As for pointed talons, like Rihanna’s, he thinks nails down his back is a little sexy. Ritual scarification? Not so much.
  • We… can’t get enough of Rebel Nails for professional looking results.

Nude makeupNude face

We shouldn’t be surprised to see the likes of Calvin Klein and Alexander McQueen marching women down the catwalk with nude faces — what better way to highlight the clothes! Of course, a natural look should be the easiest to wear. In theory.

  • She… may wonder why she would spend that much time applying makeup only to look barefaced.
  • He… likes the word nude and claims to prefer a natural beauty, not recognising that he responds to heavy makeup as much as to a pretty, natural face… if not more.
  • We… suggest getting a healthy natural glow from what you put in your body not on it. Get your five a day and eat foods rich in vitamin E and healthy essential omega oils.

Bold browsStatement brows

Makeup artists will tell you that a darker, thicker brow makes us look younger and opens our eyes. Chanel has taken this advice to heart by using sequined appliques, while others celebrated a thicker, statement brow.

  • She… appreciates small changes that make a big difference and new products simplify the application of natural-looking brow makeup. Thank goodness — the last thing we want is to look masculine or angry.
  • He… honestly never noticed your eyebrows. But he will, if you overdo this look. Keep it natural and only add sequins if you’re at a fancy dress party or are a runway model.
  • We… have heard rave reviews about the Benefit brow zings (£22.50).

Bold lipsBold lips

This summer gave us neon pinks and fiery oranges and we can transition into autumn with retro reds and deep vermillions — just like the models at Jonathan Saunders and Rick Owens. Always a classic, red lips show no signs of stopping.

  • She… feels empowered and sexy with red lips, though sometimes a little self-conscious, too.
  • He… loves red. Recent research by the University of Rochester in New York State proves it. Plus, men like mouths for all sorts of reasons. They will love it when you highlight yours.
  • We… like these lipsticks that pack a punch. For a neon pink mouth that can go from summer to autumn, look to MAC’s Girl About Town (£14). For a grown-up, pigmenty red, Rimmel’s Number 001 lipstick by Kate Moss does the trick. And who knows how to turn men’s heads better than Kate Moss?

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