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5 Supplements for healthy hair

In a world filled with hot styling irons, curling tongs and hairdryers which frazzle your locks to within an inch of their life, achieving strong, healthy hair can be difficult. However, taking supplements can make a difference. Here are five of the top supplements which can help you achieve strong, shiny, healthy hair.

Woman taking supplements for healthy hair


L-Lysine is an amino acid and helps build proteins including hair, skin and nails. It is not produced by the body so we need to acquire it from food or supplements. L-Lysine plays an important role in the formation of collagen, keeping skin healthy and hair strong. It also boosts the immune system which is great news because, if your body is busy fighting infections, your hair tends to get neglected.

Vitamin EVitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant which is found in a huge number of hair and skin products. By weaning out free radicals it helps strengthen and build healthy cells. It also encourages the growth of capillaries which is thought to make hair grow longer and stronger. Studies have shown that people taking Vitamin E supplements have faster-growing hair than those who don’t. It acts as a great intensive conditioner too. Leave it on your hair twice a week to help prevent heat-styling damage.


Biotin, otherwise known as Vitamin B7, is another widely recognised supplement believed to improve hair condition. It helps the body’s metabolism and protein-production which in turn produces beautiful, strong hair. Not only that, if you take biotin supplements, you should notice your nail and skin-health improve.


Iron is one of the best-known beneficial supplements for healthy hair since an iron deficiency can actually cause hair loss and thinning. It can take a while to correct a shortfall, but by taking an iron supplement every day, you will eventually improve your hair’s condition.


Niacin’s main job is to improve blood circulation and also lower cholesterol levels. Having good circulation is important for healthy hair because it enables nutrients to be delivered effectively. Since good hair isn’t essential for our health, the body will focus on delivering nutrients to key organs first, meaning our hair will miss out if our circulation is poor. Niacin is available in tablet form from most health food stores.

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