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Make friendships last

It is so easy to take friends for granted but, like all relationships, friendships take work. So take these few easy steps to ensure that cherished friend doesn’t go anywhere.

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Take the pressure off

Be clear in your mind which friendships are for life and which are transient. If you bond with a colleague but find the friendship falls to the wayside when you move jobs, maybe it wasn’t meant to be? Not all friendships are for life.

Make a commitment

When you are clear that a friendship is a long-standing one, work at it. Like all relationships, friendships blossom with due love and care. Make a commitment to work through issues, try not to let your pride get in the way when times get tough, and put time into showing that friend you are there no matter what.

Book a date

Even if a friend is far away, make sure you check in at least once a month with a phone call, friendly email or a letter. Just because you can’t meet up for a glass of wine on a regular basis, doesn’t mean the friendship should be left to go stagnant. It’s easy to assume that true friendships can withstand time and geographic distance, but long gaps in communication can take their toll on even the strongest of bonds.

Don’t speak

If your friend is experiencing a problem, let them talk about it and try to listen. Reserve judgment where you can, try to understand (even if you don’t) and make sure you’re there when they need you. It’s easy to blurt out advice, but sometimes friends just want to be heard, to vent the problem and get it off their chest. Know when to speak and when to listen.

Don’t let guys (or girls) get in the way

If it’s ego vs. friend, choose your friend every time. If you let someone get in the way, the relationship will surely crumble. Remember that friend should be your priority over all else. Loyalty of that kind is often repaid in kind and you’ll sleep better knowing you put your friend first. If that friend doesn’t show the same level of respect, the friendship wasn’t there to begin with.

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