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On the beach, turn his head your way — not away

When women try to overcompensate for their under-confidence, they make some serious summer style mistakes. Attract men with these beach beauty and style tips and make sure you don’t short-circuit your summer romance before it begins.

Woman at the beach

Ah summer — long days, sun on your skin, Flake 99s! We Brits know how to do summer (that is, when it graces us with its presence). If you’re single, going coastal could be a shrewd move in the relationship game. After all, what better place than the beach to strut your stuff?

But that’s only if you feel good enough to strut. You see, we women get hamstrung by our own head space. Bombarded by photoshopped images and mixed messages, we can be less forgiving about ourselves than men can ever be — and that can affect our style, causing us to cover up what we should be showing off. Heed these tips to show your most confident self — and lure him to you in the process.

Your suit

You already know that a white suit enhances your tan and that a bikini attracts cleavage-seeking stares. We’re not teaching granny how to suck eggs here! But if you’re under 40, we advise you to avoid a bathing suit with a skirt-like substance when a sarong does the trick and is more surreptitious. Why?

  • It ages you.
  • It makes men suspect a grooming issue — the most glaring beach don’t.
  • It discloses your discomfort.

This is good advice on and off the beach. If you flag to men (or anyone) that you think something is wrong with your body (or anything), they’ll receive your signal. Find the suit that works best for you, trust yourself and get out there.

Your pose

Don’t overdo the beach babe thing, preening and posturing all day long. You want your beach attitude to attract someone who knows how to have fun with you and make you feel comfortable, not someone who is posing silently for his next Facebook profile pic. Just relax and enjoy yourself — but don’t get too carried away. Yes, you’ve been to yoga classes, but a forward bend is not a beach move!

Your pedi

It’s a sad fact that men notice feet. And they judge. Now is the time to book your pink pedis and take care of your toes. And if all that sandal wearing leaves your heels cracked, give them a good sloughing. You never know when you might be rubbing them against someone on a shared towel.

Your hat

It’s easy to underestimate the sun’s damage when we see so little of the sun, but protection is important — and a hat can make or break you. Stick to something stylish and note that men seem to respond to a brim, whether it’s a hipster fedora or the more rock-n-roll distressed straw cowboy hat. Floppy hats with tropical prints may hide too much of your face (as does opaque white sunblock on the nose), and men love to see your face. So keep it simple — but don’t cover…

Your hair

If you’re feeling up to it, get in the water and get your hair wet! Women are paying top dollar for the volume that Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray bestows — and in summer, if the water isn’t too icy, we can get this look for free! Get your waterproof mascara on, have a swim and let your hair air-dry in all its glory. Men love a bit of dishevelled hair as it speaks to your inner sex-pot. Say hello to Brigitte Bardot!

Your prep

Have you ever noticed that hitting the gym makes your thighs feel tighter and that your six pack packs more of a punch? OK, so even if most of us haven’t achieved a two pack — let alone six — body confidence is mostly mental. Before you hit the shore, take a class, walk or jog the coast or simply do a few crunches or press ups. Better yet, make this a habit. You’ll feel better and walk taller — and that’s half the battle.

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