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Injecting neon colour into your makeup bag

It’s the decade that’s escaped a full renaissance, yet the shops are now filled with electric blue leggings, acid green sharp-collared shirts and bright pink blazers. Yes, the ’80s fad of bright, bold neon colour is back and, whether you’re ready or not, it is threatening to stick around for a while.

Neon orange eye shadow

Many don’t want to revisit their days of Madonna adoration, but if you’re craving some colour in your life, injecting vibrant shades into your makeup bag could be a subtler way of doing so. You’ll be bang on trend without having to dig out those legwarmers.


L’Oreal Paris has the fantastic Colour Infallibale Eyeshadow Range, which now boasts the magnetic “Blue Curacao” (this is not for the shy as it’s dense and very bold in colour), “Purple Obsession,” which is a pretty, darker shade of lilac, and the gentle “Permanent Khaki,” which is the perfect way to rediscover green eyeshadow without over-doing things.


Kate Spade, the woman whose handbags we used to fly Stateside to buy, now has large shops in Sloane Square and Covent Garden, from where she sells her new nail varnish range. Priced at £25 for the set of four, these little pots of bursting colour are solid yellow, tangerine, mint green and candy floss pink. They’ve been flying off shelves since launching and are sure to please any mood. They’re also small enough to travel with, so perfect for those on the go.


Mac cosmetics, known for its camp and theatrical colourways, is the best stop for bursting lip colour. Their chunky, flat, matt lipsticks simply can’t be beat. But if you want a subtler flash of neon bright, their Tinted Lip Glass (£13) is a safer bet. The “Knockout” shade is a gentle, wet Red, while “Lust” is a dusty pink, offset against “Pink Poodle,” a brighter, lighter pink for those feeling braver.

Our advice with make-up this bright? Don’t overdo it. Choose one area to focus on – be it eyes, nails or lips, and leave it at that. Boy George had a fabulous look but none of us are looking to channel it today. Flashes of colour entice summer sun. Keep it simple, be brave and have fun with it. This is the easiest way to relive that bygone era without cringing all over again.

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