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Glamorous bedroom: Create your own stylish boudoir

The bedroom is often the room closest to our hearts, and if you want it to inspire your life, creating an opulent and stylish bedroom can be the best place to start. If you want to makeover your drab and boring bedroom into a glamorous boudoir, follow these top tips.

Luxurious bedroom

Rich colours

Rich, deep colours are key to creating an opulent look, but don’t assume richness means dark or heavy hues. Rich golds and yellows, deep blues and regal greens are just as classic as traditional reds, purples and oranges. Whatever colour scheme you decide on, don’t make it too complicated, and invest in good quality colours. For a glamorous look, create a feature wall in one deep, rich colour off-set with a lighter hue like a creamy white. This also works with wallpaper. Rather than doing the entire room, go for a bold print on just one wall. For the best effect go for a middle wall or the one which your headboard backs onto.

Textured fabrics

Create a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere with bold, soft fabrics combined with contrasting textures. Pillows are key, so go for oversized and overstated pillows decorated with silken cushions of bold prints in colours. A deep pile or faux fur rug also adds that touch of opulence.


There is nothing more dramatic than black and white and in a monochrome room, soft greys and warm creams help to create a crisp and stylish look. Plain white walls and bedding are off-set with dark cushions and throws in silks and velvet to create an opulent and glamorous feel. Old black and white prints of movie stars and street photography from the 1920s and 1930s are really popular at the moment and help create that classic feel. Add a small splash of colour with red roses or sunflowers for a simple yet stylish look.

A majestic bed

Nothing says glamorous more than a huge king sized bed with dramatic headboard. Make sure yours makes a statement and is the focal point of the room. Whether you go for a traditional wooden frame or stylish brass, the bed should look incredibly inviting to tired eyes. If you don’t want to invest in a new frame, go for an over-sized head board to achieve a similar look.


Lighting is everything when it comes to mood, especially in a glamorous boudoir. Create a soft and inviting lighting scheme. Avoid the usual boring lighting and go for stylish and unusual lights, giving out different colours and softness of shades. This glamour table lamp, £24.99 fron Dunelm Mill is a stylish addition to any bedroom.

Simple yet sophisticated

The most important thing when planning a glamorous bedroom is to decide on a theme and stick to it. Whether it is a colour scheme, a period or even a style like Eastern or country chic, the key to glamour is simple elegance. Keep your colour scheme to one or two hues and include at least one neutral. Colour clashing and cutesy florals should be banished from your glamorous boudoir. Accessories should complement your colour scheme with clutter being kept to a minimum. The decor should be to a high standard with a slick finish.

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