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Detox your hair for stunning, healthy locks

While most people know about detoxing our bodies, detoxing our hair may be something new. But giving your hair a well-earned break from all the wear and tear we put it through is just as vital to your body as it gives your tired locks a chance to repair and recover. Whether you go for an intensive week detox or incorporate these tips into your daily routine, don’t let your hair miss out on these hair benefits.

Healthy hair

Don’t wash

While just washed, styled hair may look great, underneath your hair may be crying out for a day off. Washing everyday not only puts your hair under strain, it can also dry out your tresses, causing even more damage. During your hair detox wash your hair every other day or, if you can stand it, leave it a few days. This will give your hair’s natural oils a chance to work their conditioning magic. If you can incorporate this into your everyday routine, giving your hair a day off from washing and styling at least once a week.


When you wash your hair, massage your scalp deeply to encourage blood circulation. Not only will this stimulate hair growth giving you longer hair, but it will also grow healthier and thicker. Try to do this at least once or twice a week when you have the time to really give your head the attention it deserves.

Nourishing treatment

If your hair is in really bad condition, it may be time to splash out on a salon nourishing treatment. Kerastase has some great salon treatments and products for this. Indulging your hair in a recovery treatment is like getting a facial, so don’t worry about spending a few extra pounds for the sake of your locks.

Say no to styling

During your hair detox no styling is allowed. That means hair straighteners and curling tongs need to be packed away for at least a week. Heat styling is so damaging for your hair that even laying off of them for a day or two can really give your hair a chance to recover.

Pack yourself full of vitamins

Unlike a body detox, a hair detox calls for you to eat healthy fats and protein to boost the nutrients that go into your hair strands and give you glossy, healthy locks. Avocados are a great source for this and you can either eat them or buy hair products containing moisturising avocado oil. Your hair is mainly made up of protein so tuck into lean meats, fish and eggs. Any product or food containing Vitamins A,B,D and E or coconut oil are also essential as they will help to add moisture.

Be gentle

Your hair detox should be a chance for your hair to relax so don’t go over zealous with the hair brush or rubbing dry with a towel. Gently tease knots out of your wet hair with a comb and if you can avoid using a brush this week at all – you will be thankful in the long run.

Wash away build-up

As well as damage from styling and washing, your hair can become dull thanks to the daily build-up of pollution, dirt and product on your hair. Try a detoxifying shampoo like Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo, £15.50. Not only will it treat your hair but it smells good, too.

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