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Entertain your kids this holiday with these crafts

Sometimes the Easter holidays can seem like they last forever, especially if your children need constant entertaining. Keep your children busy with these craft activities perfect for all ages and abilities, and even better, you will enjoy them too.

Sock puppetPuppet fun

Puppets are a great way to entertain children. Not only do they have the excitement of creating their own unique puppet, but afterwards they can perform their own sketch or play. A sock puppet is an easy way to achieve this. All you will need is a clean sock you don’t want anymore and some decorations like buttons, scraps of fabrics and ribbons.

Decorative bunting

Home-made decorations are a great way to put a personal touch to a party and to liven up an afternoon. Why not arrange a tea party for the children with home-made decorations. Cut some old material or paper into triangular shaped pieces of the same size. Next use paints, glitter and ribbons to decorate the different pieces. Once dry, stitch or stick them to a piece of string and hang from the ceiling. This can be a great way to decorate your children’s rooms as well.

Personal newspaper

Creating a newspaper that details what your children have been getting up to during their time off of school is a great way to get them thinking about reading and creative writing. Encourage your children to think of what they have been doing using words and pictures. Cut out the stories and stick them onto an A3 card including a name and logo for your paper. Using a black card will really make the stories stand out. It is a great keepsake for the future as well as a way to engage your child’s creativity.

Hanging decorations

Whether it is aliens, birds, kites, rockets or hot air balloons, most children’s imaginations are captivated by things that can fly. Hanging decorations for their room is a great craft activity for an afternoon. You will need basic craft supplies like cardboard, scissors, a hole punch and string to hang the ornaments. If you have very young children, cut out the shapes before you start decorating. Use glitter, paints, crayons and feathers to decorate the hanging objects. Before you start decorating, remember to punch a hole at the top of each shape to thread the string through. When decorated, hang the finished designs from the ceiling above your child’s bed or next to the window.

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