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The easiest up-dos for spring

This spring relaxed, bed hair is back. But that doesn’t mean that updos are out the window. With less structure and need for tidiness you can have fun with your hair and create different styles.

Woman with ponytail and scarf

Get the look

If you aren’t lucky enough to have naturally wavy hair, dry as normal and then bend with tongs to create the boho look. After this you will be ready to try the latest on trend dos.

The tangled tail

The ponytail is back but mix it up by back combing and keeping your hair messy. Before you fasten the ponytail back, comb the roots and add volume with some mousse. Next gently collect the hair together with your fingers and tie loosely with a plain band at the bottom of the neck. Cover the band with a long piece of ribbon, wrapping it two or three times around and finishing in a long bow.

The undone bun

This is a great loose-do for any occasion and goes particularly well with an evening dress. It is ideally suited to those with at least shoulder length hair as it needs to be gathered just below the nape of the neck. Again use mousse to volumise and create texture. Roughly gather together with your fingers and leave the hair lying on your palm just below the nape of your neck. Keep in place with a hair band and then loosely twist the hair into a bun shape and secure with another hair band. Pull a few strands out of the bun so that they fall down the back. More will fall out during the night but don’t worry, this only enhances the look!

The clipped pony

This style adds interest to the usual pony-tail and is simple to achieve. Again, use mousse to create volume. Gather your hair together at the top of your head and tie with a band and make sure no stray strands come loose as this look requires a tighter look. When the hair is secured, create even more volume by back-combing the ponytail, then bend the hair so that you create a beehive shape, and pin it in place just below the hairband with a long slide. Let the rest of the ponytail fall down your back as usual.

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