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Create a stylish yet functional family bathroom

With a full and busy household, keeping a family bathroom tidy can be a full-time job, so trying to keep it stylish and functional may seem impossible. Use these handy tips to balance bathroom style with everyday needs.

Bathroom with dual sinks

Get clever with storage

Keep your bathroom functional, yet stylish with a decorative storage unit. Not only can it be an attractive addition to the room but is also the perfect place to hide away all your toiletries. Assign a shelf to each member of the family and make sure you provide attractive storage accessories like woven baskets and over-sized glass jars.

Double basins

If you have room in your bathroom a double basin is a great way to make the space work for you. Keep one for the parents and one for the children. It means you won’t get in the way of each other in the morning and you can even give them the responsibility of keeping it clean themselves! Behind the double basin use a large mirror or mirrored tiled to reflect the room and make it look even bigger.

Colour coded accessories

A great way to keep your bathroom looking stylish and organised is to assign a colour or design to each member of your family. From towels, toothbrushes and even storage boxes, carry the colours throughout the bathroom so each member of your family knows which one is theirs – and you can easily find out who is the messy one!

Wallpaper inspiration

It is hard to inject colour or pattern into a bathroom, so why not go for wallpaper feature wall? Using a bold pattern in striking colour such as black or red will let you keep things plain and simple with the rest of your bathroom. Make sure you pick the right wall, though, as one too near to the shower will cause water damage.

Turn functional into fancy

The bathroom can sometimes be the most unattractive room in the house, so soften the look using decorative ideas for your everyday needs. There are lots of innovative designs for soap dishes, tooth brush holders and even toilet brushes. Whether you are going for modern, minimal, retro or traditional, by spending that little bit more on these essential items, you can brighten up your bathroom and make it instantly more attractive.

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