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Cellulite busting secrets

Cellulite is a curse that most women suffer from at some point in their life. While there is no cure, there are changes you can make to your life to diminish its appearance and prevent any more from developing. Try out these cellulite busting cures.


Drink water

Cellulite occurs when the breakdown of collagen in your skin allows over-sized fat cells to become visible under your skin, creating an “orange peel” look. To increase the suppleness of your skin and keep it tight, drink six to eight glasses of water a day. This will ensure that cells stay hydrated and flexible.

Brush up

Improve the circulation in your skin cells by dry brushing problem areas. Brush in a circular motion to bring nutrients and oxygen to the outer skin cells and stop the bulges of fat from forming.

Anti-cellulite cream

Creams that claim to fight cellulite may not be able to make it disappear over-night, but they can help to reduce the appearance. When applying the cream, start by massaging all over the affected area, but don’t stop there. Massage from your ankle up to your waist slowly so your lymphatic drainage system works harder. This internal drainage system works better when you sleep because it is when the body repairs its cells, so use an anti-cellulite night cream before you go to bed and let it do its work while you enjoy a slumber. Try Bliss Fat Girl Sleep £32.


One of the best natural remedies for cellulite is exercise. Swimming, walking and aerobics are the best sports to help combat cellulite as they improve circulation. Combine this with strength training and remember to customise your exercise schedules to target your problem areas. If you feel like a quicker fix, try Power Plate classes — just two 25 minute session will improve muscle tone and help break down cellulite deposits.

Change your lifestyle

While cellulite can be genetic, making changes to your lifestyle can help too. Avoid using too much salt as this contributes to water retention that can cause cellulite. Also give up smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee as they cause your blood vessels to constrict and make cellulite more noticeable.

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