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The top fake tans for the best summer glow

Do you long for a golden, natural skin colour, but aren’t sure how to get it? Get ready for summer with these top fake tans and get yourself a year round glow.

Woman with a tan

Clinique, Body Tinted Lotion, £16

This body lotion promises an instant, deep colour that will develop in only three hours and it more than delivers. This is a great product for any tan-phobics who aren’t sure about faking it, as the colour side-steps any “orange” issues with an even and natural tan. The light-weight gel is tinted which gives the skin an instant sheen, so is perfect to avoid any white patches or streaks once the tan develops.

St Tropez, Self Tan Bronzing Lotion, £30.64

St Tropez is the original fake tan and it is still one of the best products on the market. The natural colour and easy-to-apply formula gives you an even and deep tan straight from the beach.

No.7, Naturally Sunkissed Gradual Body Tan, £9.50

This gradual self-tan is perfect if you want a bit of colour but aren’t sure about the intense fake tans available. This gradual self-tanner is perfect to give your skin an all over moisturise with a subtle glow.

Clarins, Delicious Self-Tanning Cream, £21.50

This fake tan is for those who are serious about their colour. Taking 20 minutes to sink in and become fully dry, it requires time set aside during your day, but the results are worth it for those who are patient. One of the best things is that the tinted creamy gel shows up any white patches instantly so you can avoid an uneven tan. Plus, the tan has a fruity aroma so doesn’t have that fake tan smell.

Fake Bake, Original Self-Tanning Lotion, £25.50

Fake Bake is for serious tanners only and is best used for those who are regular fake tanners due to its rich, deep colour. The colour is perfect for those who want a real tan without the dangers from the sun. Make sure you use the gloves provided to avoid those mucky palms!

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