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10 Shoe styles that every woman needs

A girl can never have enough pairs of shoes. However, if you have to cut down your collection there are 10 essential styles that a girl should never be without. Whatever the weather, event or dress code, these shoes will ensure your footwear is one step ahead.

Shoe shopping


The summer staple for any wardrobe. Cheap, comfortable and always in fashion, a pair of flip-flops are your favourite shoe for the summer months. Invest in a few pairs at the start of the season and you will barely have your feet out of them until autumn. Avoid the high street and head to a surf shop for more durable styles, which are built to last and will also support your feet correctly.

Strappy sandals

Heeled and flat sandals are the perfect way to dress up your feet in the summer as well as keeping cool. They may not be as comfortable as flip flops, but they are a more sophisticated and attractive sandal for the summer months, especially for work or a social occasion. The high street has many fashionable styles in various colours and designs, and these are perfect for nights out as well as daytime chic. Remember to coordinate your nail polish for really fancy feet.

Flat, calf-length boots

Autumn’s and winter’s summer equivalent is the flat, calf-length boot. Over the years there have been many variations on the design. Buckles and zips have been added, and skinny to slouch boots have come in and out of style, but the general design has not changed. Flat, calf-length boots can be worn with jeans and dresses and are suitable for everyday use. In the cold and wet months there is nothing better than slipping on your comfy boots as you run errands. Invest in a pair of sturdy comfortable boots because they are one piece of footwear that will never go out of style.


There is nothing like sliding your slippers on after a hard day at work. Comfortable and cosy, they are just the tonic your tired feet need after the wear and tear you put them through!

Killer heels

Every girl needs a pair of killer heels for a night out. Whether you pair them with a show-stopping dress or simply wear them with jeans and a top, they are an essential must in any wardrobe. The higher the better – if you can take them – and in whatever print and colours take your fancy!


Whether you are a gym bunny or not, a pair of trainers come in handy more often than you expect. These practical and reliable shoes can be worn for exercise, playing in the park or just general comfort. If you are serious about exercise, go to a sports shop where you can find specialist trainers for your chosen sport.

Ballet pumps

Classy, comfortable and available in a variety of styles and colours ballet pumps are an excellent shoe for any occasion. As well as being a great style to go from day to night they also look good with jeans, short, skirts and dresses and can be suitable for all occasions.

Black, heeled court shoes

Black, heeled court shoes will immediately smarten any outfit and because of the simple style, they go with virtually anything. From the theatre to a job interview, this dependable and classic style will never go out of fashion.

Tall, heeled boots

A pair of sophisticated, heeled boots are perfect for casual and professional use and rarely go out of style. In the cold months a heeled boot is a good compromise between practicality and fashion as your feet will stay warm and dry without losing any style.

Wellington boots

Whether you are heading for a weekend in the country, going to a music festival or just splashing about in the rain, wellington boots are the answer. These waterproof shoes are perfect for slipping around in the mud and generally having a good time without ruining your footwear. In the last few years the boots have become somewhat of a trend and are now available in a multitude of colours and prints. Hunter Weillingtons are the boot of choice for the celebrites!

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