7 Beauty rules that every girl should live by

Here are seven simple rules that you should incorporate into your beauty regime. From trying something new to drinking water, these simple tips will keep you looking your fabulous best.

Woman applying makeup

Less is always more

Sometimes it is tempting to go overboard with makeup, hair and style. Too much makeup, too styled hair and too many trends at once usually add up to a messy and sometimes trashy look. The key is to balance. Red lips and dark eyes? Then go for a simple hairstyle or understated outfit. Or chunky accessories and voluminous hair? Keep the makeup simple with nude lips and a sliver of eyeliner.

Be kind to your eyes

Your eyes and skin around that area are incredibly delicate so make sure that when applying or removing makeup you treat your eyes with care. Gentle strokes will minimise the need to “tug” the eye. Be patient when removing stubborn eye makeup – there’s no need to rush! Treat your eyes to a night-time cream to help repair any damage to the area – you will appreciate it in years to come!

Remove your makeup before you go to bed

It can be incredibly tempting to sleep with your make-up on especially when you arrive home from an exhausting night out. Makeup can clog your pores, irritate your skin, increase the buildup of sebum and dry you out. Your skin also does most of its repair work at night, so leaving your makeup on means that your skin will not be able to recover or have a break from the ravages of your daily life.

Stick to what suits you

It can be tempting to go in for all the latest beauty trends, but unless you are very lucky, it is unlikely that every fad will suit you. Just because a certain shade of lipstick is “in” doesn’t mean you have to wear it, especially if it makes you looked washed out and tired. Fashion is always evolving but style never ages. Know what suits you and experiment within this instead of blindly following what other people say.

Drink water

Water is the secret weapon for beauty because it really does so much good. As well as hydrating your skin to prevent dryness and breakouts, it helps restore elasticity and firmness to prevent ageing. Water also nourishes your body, hair and nails, so overall you will feel fresher and brighter. With water readily available and much cheaper than most drinks, it should top your daily beauty regimen.

Try something new

Don’t be afraid to try a new product or branch out from your usual brand. Sometimes with make-up, fragrances and skin products you can become stuck in a rut. There are always new and improved products on the market and as you get older your skin will have different needs. If you are not sure what you should go for, speak to someone at a chemist or beauty counter. They will soon point you in the right direction.

Protect yourself

All the beauty products in the world won’t help your skin if you don’t protect it in the first place. Sun damage not only ages you but can also cause skin cancer. Most skin products including firming and BB creams as well as foundation now contain SPF to protect your face. Remember that the skin of your lips is incredibly thin and delicate. Protect them with a specialised lip balm to prevent them burning in the sun. Wind and cold weather can really dry out and harm your skin too. Make sure that you moisturise your skin deeply each day during a cold snap and try to shield your face from the elements as much as possible with a hat or scarf.


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