Top 6 colourful rugs to brighten your home

Bright, bold colours are the trend this spring and the easiest way to instantly update any room is with a bright, colourful rug. Check out the top 6 rugs for a perfect colour pop.

Colourful rug

Colour squares

If you have a plain room that you want to update with a fun and colourful rug, try this Harlequin Spacedust rug, for £33.99-£208.99 from the Rug Club — it is perfect for a kid’s room. The modern, contemporary look is bold and fresh, so keep other accessories plain and neutral for the ultimate effect.

Colour block

If you prefer a fresh injection of colour try the Hampen rug range, for £9.99 from Ikea. Available in an assortment of colours, the high pile rug is soft, bold and a cheap way to brighten a room.


For an interesting pattern with your colour, what about this Spectrum Abstract rug, for £75–£229 from Marks and Spencer? The bright but soft colours are a wonderful addition to any room, with the modern patter creating an interesting focal point. This rug tones well with light wooden floors.

Bold florals

Hot Fuchia is one of the top trends of the season. An over-sized floral print is a modern and exotic take on the traditional floral style. Perfect for a bedroom or lounge, this green and fuschia rug, for £170.73–£302.06 from the Rug Club, adds a bright, rich burst of colour to any room.

Classic stripes

For a classic, yet contemporary look choose this multi-coloured stripped rug, for £95– £589 from John Lewis. Its fun, yet modern, stripey look will inject a feeling of freshness, style and colour into your home. Such a rug can be used anywhere in the home – from the kitchen or bedroom to the hallway.

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