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Top wallpaper trends for spring

Wallpaper in the home is all about geometric prints this spring. From plaid to art deco, this season wallpaper should be a fully fledged feature of the room – it is not happy to stay in the background. Bringing focus and interest to any space, wallpaper can be just the trick you need to revamp and transform your home. Here are the top designs for spring.

1950s modern

Decor in the 1950s was bold, modern and abstract. Bold prints and sometimes garish patterns now have that retro feel that so many people love. Floral designs were especially popular but don’t expect run-of-the-mill flower designs. The sketches are big, daring and refreshing. Check out Little Greene’s 1950s range, which is inspired by actual prints from the era and is variably priced.

Deco Diamonds

Twenties- and thirties-inspired art deco is another vintage trend for spring. Think “Upstairs, Downstairs” with their sharp-edged designs. Greens and silvers soften the tone of the look without losing any of art deco’s elegance. Try this Graphika Taupa from Dulux, for £25.49 per roll.

Art Nouveau

“Art Nouveau”-inspired wallpaper is perfect in the bedroom. The classically inspired and beautiful prints are excellent for a feature wall, and with the wide range of choices available, you are sure to find something that suit your tastes. Try this tree print “Mandara” from Osborne & Little, for £47 per roll. It is available in five different colours.


This season floral designs are all about subtle elegance and stylish prints. No longer a cute or rustic choice, floral wallpaper is back at the top for the chicest of homes. Try this“Soubise” style, again from Osborne & Little, for £54 per roll. The soft, on-trend, grey colour looks just right in a dining room or sitting area.

Damask print

Damask prints are another popular trend this year. They come in a variety of shades and styles and are the perfect way to add depth to a room. Don’t go overboard on damask wallpaper. Use it in the bedroom with chunky, dark wood furniture and rich colours for a dramatic look. Try this vibrant fuchsia “Elizabeth” wallpaper from Graham and Brown, for £18 per roll, for a bold statement.

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