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Beauty myths: True or false?

It is hard to know what is right when it comes to beauty advice. One person could tell you something that completely contradicts what you have read elsewhere. Don’t let beauty myths leave your head in a spin. Here we set the story straight and explain these beauty myths.

varicose veins


Sitting down crossing your legs won’t cause varicose or spider veins. Contrary to popular belief, standing up may actually increase the risk of developing unsightly veins as well as having a genetic predisposition. Standing makes the heart work extra hard to pump blood all round the body, and if the blood-pumping valves aren’t functioning properly then this may cause blood pooling in the veins.

Myth: You can’t get rid of your cellulite


Sorry girls once you’ve got it, you can’t get rid of cellulite. It is permanent and not even liposuction can remove it. How much cellulite you get is based on genetics and is nothing to do with your weight. You can, however, reduce its appearance through basic moisturising and firming creams, or even prevent any more forming by drinking more water and cutting out fatty foods from your diet.

Myth: Putting Vaseline on your face overnight will prevent wrinkles


Only a cream with a proven active ingredient such as retinol can actually prevent wrinkles. Petroleum jelly will help to moisturise your face, which is important as skin loses its ability to retain moisture as it ages. It may make wrinkles less apparent, but it can’t prevent them altogether. Also the greasiness of the Vaseline may cause other problems such as spots.

Myth: You can make your pores shrink


While you can make your skin pores look smaller, you can’t actually change their size . There are many products available to give a temporary effect and these can go under make-up. If used everyday then your pores may appear to have shrunk, but in reality they are the same size.

Myth: Cocoa butter helps stretch marks


This is unfortunately not true. Stretch marks occur when the skin expands quickly and the elastin fibres in your skin are broken. The actual “stretch marks” are formed below the top layer of the skin so any products you use cannot actually reach the problem area. Keeping your skin moisturised helps the overall firmness and hydration of your skin so could explain why people think it has made a difference.

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