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How to save time in your life

Are you busy all day but by the end still have a long list of jobs to do? Most people rush through life and sometimes forget what is important as they juggle work, home and social life. With a few tweaks to your daily schedule you will be amazed at how much time you can save for what you actually want to do.

Take a mental break

You are never going to achieve everything you planned to in your day, so stop worrying that you don’t. Take a realistic look at your schedule and remove the least important tasks or something that can wait. Make a list the night before of five things you “must do” only tomorrow. Don’t add things that can wait or need to be done by the end of the week. It will only increase your stress if your list seems impossible to achieve. If you complete your list, don’t take it as an opportunity to do more – enjoy a break as you are done for the day!

Don’t procrastinate

If you have a decision to make, go with your first natural instinct — or flip a coin. Spending hours worrying over a decision or even putting it off wastes time and effort. If you begin down the wrong path you will soon realise and rectify it.

Don’t be sucked in by technology

The internet or your smart phone can be really useful but don’t waste time mindlessly browsing the internet or looking on social networking sites. A “few minutes” can soon turn into hours wasted and then you have put even more pressure on yourself than before. If you find yourself wasting time in this way simply walk away from the computer or put down your phone. Even if a good friend has texted you asking how your weekend was, you don’t need to tell them right away. You can return their message or call when it is more appropriate and when you have time to spare.

Every minute counts

Schools have set break times, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t too! Schedule a break in your day for at least five minutes every 45 minutes or hour, depending on your concentration span. A set break time that you can work towards will help you to focus. Perhaps if you complete two of your tasks you are allowed a treat? It may sound childish but it helps to motivate you.

Use your free time wisely

If you know you have a day off or free weekend coming up then make sure you do something you want to do. Plan ahead and see what is on. If you don’t know what you want to do before you go to bed the chances are you will end up wasting most of your day off deciding. Arrange to meet a friend you haven’t seen in a while for a coffee or breakfast to make sure you get up in the morning and get moving. The temptation is to stay in bed all day, but you will only feel like you have wasted your free time at the end of it. Why not wake up at the same time you would on a work day but instead of getting up have a half an hour lie-in. This way you still get a lie-in but will get up in good time to enjoy the day.

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