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Repair your lawn after a harsh winter with these top tips

Winter conditions can be challenging for your lawn, so as spring comes around you may need to repair it before you give any garden parties. Here are a few top tips to get lush, green grass in no time.


As the temperatures get warmer your grass will begin to grow more rapidly. Be gentle when you start mowing in spring by setting the mower blades to a higher height so they trim off only the top third of growth. This will produce a healthier lawn because taller grass promotes longer roots. After the first few cuts you can then reset the blades to a lower setting. Don’t mow your lawn if it is damp or there has been snow recently, as this will only cause more damage.

Bare patches and thinning

Often after a harsh winter parts of your lawn may have thinned. These areas can be easily repaired by reseeding with the correct type of grass. If you don’t know which type you have, visit your local garden centre and ask some advice about repairing bare patches. You may be able to get an improved variety that is more resistant to disease and wear. To sow the seeds loosen the surface soil, adding extra soil if necessary and scatter the seeds according to the recommended application rate. Gently water the area and keep it moist until you have a strong growth of grass.

Weeds and moss

During the winter months your lawn may have become overrun with moss and weeds. They are easy to eradicate using a moss and weedkiller. Again, ask advice from your local garden centre on what is appropriate for your type of grass and the size of your weed problem. Make sure you apply the product correctly. Then simply rake out the dead weeds from the lawn once they have died. You may need to reseed some areas where the weeds caused thinning or bare patches.

Feeding your lawn

After a long hard winter why not give your grass a bit of tender, loving care by giving it some lawn feed. This will help provide the vital nutrients it needs to flourish and may have missed out on during the ravages of winter. Check at your local garden centre for the best revitalising feed for your type of grass. You can also continue to apply the lawn feed to give the grass a helping hand throughout the spring and summer. Check which products are the best for regular use to give your lawn a helping hand.

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