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5 Hobbies to try this spring

With spring just around the corner it’s the perfect time to try a new hobby. This can be the perfect way to meet new people, achieve a new skill and make you feel good about yourself. Have a look at these ideas – they could be the perfect fit for you.


Do you love pretty teacups or old French furniture? Then collecting antiques could be for you. This hobby is great because it is relaxing, enjoyable and you can be as involved as you want. Visit antique shops and Sunday markets with friends or go alone – such expeditions can be a great way to have some you-time. Antique auctions can be very entertaining and exciting as well. Even if you don’t come away with anything, watching others barter could give you a taste to get involved. If you don’t have an interest in a particular collectable, then have a look around – something will soon spark your interest. From vintage clothing to furniture, collecting antiques really is a hobby for everyone!


In a world of infinite communication you can sometimes lose the simple pleasure of putting pen to paper. Sitting down and writing a letter, poem or even a book can be really enjoyable and relaxing. Jot down your ideas or write a diary. You will be surprised at how much you have to say once you get going. It can be such a relief to get those little niggles off your chest, and you will come away with your mind clearer and refreshed. No one will be marking your work, so don’t worry if you aren’t the best writer or speller – this is purely for your enjoyment. Spend some money on fine stationery such as a good-quality writing pad and a fountain pen. They can be a real treat!


If you are lucky enough to have a garden then take advantage of it and get outside. Gardening is a great spring hobby that can really bring out your creative side. You can grow your own flowers or try out a vegetable patch. There are so many different looks you can have for your garden now that you can really invest time and love in it – it will be so rewarding to see your plot blossom. Cultivating and creating a pretty space reflecting your own tastes will give you a distraction from the worries of everyday life and let you escape. You will be surprised how relaxed and calm you will feel after spending five or ten minutes outside in the fresh air, seeing to your plants. If you don’t have a garden, why not try a window box or pot plants around the house or even invest in an allotment.


Good-quality cameras are cheaper and smaller than ever, meaning it is the perfect hobby for you to take up. You don’t need a qualification or be particularly artsy to use a camera and start taking photographs. You will soon get the hang of what light and focus can do to a camera. If you don’t why should it matter – you are taking the photos for yourself. Snap photos of your friends or go for a walk and see what captures your imagination there. The world is just waiting to be captured by you!


Do you love to sing, especially in the shower or bath? If so why not invest in some singing classes? Just because you don’t have the same voice as Adele doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest time in something you love. Go along and have some one-on-one advice from a teacher, who can give you tips about improving your pitch and tone and might even put you in touch with a choir or vocal group. You don’t have to sing for others though, this is a hobby for you, remember. You will be surprised at how enjoyable and therapeutic singing can be. Getting out all of your angst and frustration from your life is much better than keeping it bottled inside. So why not go along and belt out a few numbers?

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