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The best weather-proof hairstyles

The weather can sometimes play havoc with your hair. Strong winds, heavy rain and even snow can turn a perfect do into a windswept mess. Fortunately, you don’t need to struggle to keep your style in such weather. Try these tops tips for a full-proof look.

Braided hair - side-plait

The side plait

A stylish side plait can be just the look to keep your hair under control. The look is probably easier to achieve for mid- to long-length hair as if it is any shorter there will not be enough hair to create it. A rough, loose plait will look even better if it is slightly messed up, creating a sexy, girlish style. Roughly dry your hair with some volumising mouse to give it some bounce and body. Once dry, simply pull all your hair over to one side and divide it into three sections. Start the plait just below your ear and plait the hair underneath one another to create a “backwards” look, which gives a new twist to the old style. If you are feeling more adventurous try a “fishtail” plait, which although more difficult, looks really stylish.

French plait - Jennifer Morrison's french braidThe French plait

For a stylish and tidy look that keeps your hair tight against your head try the french plait. Towel or blow-dry your hair with a little mouse to give lots of volume. You can have either a side or middle parting for this look – whichever suits you.

Start with a 5cm section of hair across your face and roughly divide it into three. Add more hair to each partition as you plait further until all hair has been brought in. Either finish in a bun or pin the hair with grips, depending on how short the hair is. You can add hair decorations or, if you worry that some hair may fall out, a simple, black hairband can look really sophisticated. Use hairspray to give extra hold.

Image: Splash

Messy bun hairstyle

The messy bun

When it is really windy then a complicated up-do or sleek look will be difficult to maintain. Rather than trying to protect your look, why not start with a sexy, messy style that doesn’t matter if it gets ruined. A simple messy bun is flirty and laid-back with bags of attitude and is easy to achieve for all hair lengths. Simply add a volumising mouse before you start to give extra body and definition. Pull back your hair loosely using your fingers and secure in a ponytail. If you find this difficult, flip your hair over and gather it together upside down. Then twist the hair loosely into a bun just below your crown and secure with grips or a simple band. If your hair is quite thin then consider backcombing sections to create more volume or use a doughnut ring. To finish tease the front section of your hair out using your fingers so you have a wispy fringe. You can use this exact same technique to create a messy ponytail as well.

Wavy touseled hairTousled hair

If you prefer to keep your hair down then the tousled look is the best option to keep hair looking stylish and fresh in bad weather. It is a perfect style for all hair lengths and can be achieved really easily. Plait damp hair and once dried unravel and comb through with your fingers. How many plaits you have really depends on your hair length, thickness and how tousled you would like it too look. if your hair is very thin try adding a volumising mousse to towel-dry hair, for extra body. Once unravelled, use a hairspray, crunching the hair in your hand to get that pretty, wavy look.


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