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Top 5 housewarming gifts

It can be a nightmare to find a housewarming gift that is both useful and decorative. Trying to guess your friends’ tastes and what they actually need can be difficult. But with these five great gift ideas you will be the toast of any party.

Front door mat

A front door mat is a perfect gift to give someone as they begin a new chapter in their life. It is unlikely that they will have brought their old one with them, and even if they have they still deserve a new one for their new home. Make sure you go for something neutral if you are unsure of their taste or decoration. If you want to be creative you can now get front door mats that can be personalised – but be wary of this as the mat will be seen by everyone who enters their new home!

Picture frames

Buying a set of picture frames is always a useful option. No doubt your friends will want to move things around but by giving them a set of six or seven frames they have the option of creating a wall feature or just placing each frame around the new house. Putting up photos will make them feel more at home as well, and so will help them settle in.

Serving suggestions

Sometimes, things aren’t always unpacked or in the right place in time for a housewarming party. Therefore, gift ideas such as a cheese board, a glass dish for dips or crockery sets for entertaining will go down a treat with your host, especially if there were any breakages during the move. Giving your friends a brand new set to entertain with will be a great way for them to celebrate their new home.

Flowers in a vase

Flowers are a perfect way to complement your host and give them a gift of a vase at the same time. Pick a neutral and pretty vase along with white or pale flowers for a decorative and sweet gift. As well as getting the pleasure of new flowers, the vase will live on in their home for years to come and is a nice way to congratulate them on their big move.

Decorative chalk board

A quaint and useful touch to any home is a decorative chalk board. It will be perfect for jotting down notes while adding a rustic touch to a kitchen. Such chalk boards come in all designs and sizes so it will be easy to find the type that suits your friend, or you could even design a personalised one. Buy a set of chalks to go with it as well so that your friends can get started there and then. For the party why not suggest each guest writes a message of good luck for the host in their new home?

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