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The perfect hairstyles for thick, luscious hair

If you are lucky enough to have thick, luscious hair you know it may not always be the easiest to manage. Finding a hairstyle that suits thick hair can sometimes be a nightmare, but once you do find the right look, your hair will look rich, healthy and voluminous. Check out these ideas on how you find the right style for you.

Keep it long and luscious

Avoiding short styles is key. Chin-length bobs are a big no, because when thick hair is too short it can have too much volume and be impossible to style. A long length will add weight to hair, giving you rich, flowing locks.

Lighten with layers

Layers can help most hair types, and in the case of thick hair it will help thin out some of the heavy volume. With some of the weight cut out of your hair, it will be more manageable and lighter. The layers will also give your hair a better shape and body, making it easier to style

Poker-straight perfection

As soon as you take straightening tongs to thick hair they have an instant thinning effect. Ceramic hair straighteners are best to create a poker-straight look and will minimise heat damage. Your hair will look sleek and shiny, perfect for any event – night or day. Remember to add a heat-protecting product just to give your hair some protection from daily straightening.

Wavy baby

Waves and a soft curl can look great in thick hair. The waves will give your hair movement and bounce, showing off your glossy locks. A medium length can be more manageable than longer hair and avoids it being too weighed down. A cut that is just below the shoulder gives you the best of both worlds – long, sexy locks and fun, wavy hair.

Up-do perfection

Thick hair works really well in an “up-do” such as a stylish, high ponytail or a side bun. A sleek and high ponytail is a sophisticated and sexy look that is easy to achieve. The side fishtail plait is a simple but sexy style that is perfect for long hair. Scrunch dry your hair roughly and make sure it is bone dry before you begin. There are easy-to-follow guides online on how to do the plait – don’t fret it’s easier than it looks. The other good news is that the messier your hair appears the better it looks so don’t worry if the style is not perfect. Have your plait on one side of your head coming seductively over your shoulder.

Fancy a fringe?

If you think a fringe is for school girls, think again! A thick, blunt fringe can transform your tired, old haircut into a sexy, modern look. Taper the fringe so that it blends into your layered hair to a create a perfect frame for your face. Keep the fringe thick and messy for a proper, edgy look. The great news is that a fringe can be a really versatile look and can be styled in a side parting or kept poker-straight – whatever suits your mood.

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