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Top hairstyles for fine hair

Styling wispy, fine hair can be a nightmare. You see a cut you like but you need thick locks to pull it off. Right? Wrong. Check out these tips to make your hair the tops!

Long layers

For straight, fine hair have a few long layers cut in to create a chunky shape, but ensure that there are not too many. Very layered hair can make it look too thin at the bottom, so it appears that you have less hair than you in fact possess!

Keep it short

For fine hair, less is definitely more. Hair gets weighed down and flat the longer it is, so for fine hair it is best to keep it short. Try a cut that is a couple of centimetres past your shoulder. Any longer and your hair will be prone to breaking and will become even thinner. Longer hair is also harder to add volume to and to style so keep your hair short and fabulous.

Fake it

To create the appearance of more hair – fake it. Most celebrities will do this now and it will mean less stress put on your hair as you attempt to force it into a particular style. Use a “doughnut ring” or a “roly poly”, which is a foam hair accessory to create volume underneath your own hair. This avoids the need to back-comb, which is really damaging for your hair. A doughnut ring is a perfect way to conjure up a voluminous up-do without any hassle. They are available cheaply from most high street chemists.

Hot rollers

Encourage body and volume by setting your top layers in hot rollers for 10–20 minutes at the start of the day. This stops your hair looking flat and tired quickly, as you don’t have to do the entire head. Finish off with a strong hair spray to keep your hair looking fabulous all day long.

Blunt cut

Keep layers long around your face so it looks as if you have more hair! Use a choppy and blunt cut, to increase the apparent volume. With blunt ends it will make it easier to create texture and volume. Add a strong volumising mousse to provide a lift, and keep the layers looking sexy by separating them with a styling wax or gel.

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