Brighten your home with the perfect winter flowers

Flowers are a perfect way to brighten your home this winter. Fresh, colourful displays will help revive your mood during the long, dark days and remind you that spring is just around the corner.


Although only temporary indoor plants, primulas have bright and colourful flowers that will bring a touch of the outdoors into your home. Keep them in bright, indirect light in a cool part of the room. Priumulas on a table are a pretty and quaint addition to any area.


These are perfect flowers for a refreshing spring look, and there are many colours so you can use them to add a variety of beautiful touches. Don’t over-crowd a display – four or five flowers in a clear, thin vase can look simple, yet elegant in any room.


With their extremely long-lasting flowers, orchids are easy to care for, which makes them the perfect flowers for winter. They bloom best in humid conditions and require thorough watering. These beautiful and impressive plants are perfect as a room feature – perhaps in your lounge or dining room.


The blooms of this plant generally fill your house with their strong floral perfume and gorgeous colour. Place a bowl in a cool but bright spot and they’ll easily scent an entire room. Their striking and bold colours are a perfect winter warmer for any setting.

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